With gratitude I share links to the great voice practitioners and music improvisers of various backgrounds who have been complementing to my voice work:

www.kefasberlin.se   KEFAS BERLIN, Natural Voice Practitioner / Sweden / 
www.layzan.co.uk  INGA LAYZAN, Free Voice School / Russia /

www.transpersonalaizglitiba.lv INSTITUTE OF TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY / Latvia /
www.oratore.me PUBLIC SPEAKING INSTITUTE / Latvia /

www.voicing-institute.com  PRATIBHA DE STOPPANI, Voicing method / Italy / 
www.nilsilestudio.lv  NILS ĪLE, Percussion studio / Latvia /

www.haraash.com  HARA ALONSO, pianist, improviser / Spain / 
www.sergiocastrillon.com SERGIO CASTRILLON, cellist, improviser / Colombia /

ANTO PETT'S Youtube improvisation channel / Estonia /

www.agneseungure.lv AGNESE UNGURE, artist, musician / Latvia /
Huge thanks to my great supporter and inspirer - singer and lecturer Zane Šmite / Latvia /